Digital Tachographs

In addition to our high-performance software we offer appropriate download devices for digital tachographs.

Our products

Tachonova Software
Download devices
Combi packages
Download terminals


Supervision of driver licenses

An easy-to-handle instrument for the statutory supervision of the driver licenses of your personnel.

Our products

FK1 Driving license check
Control terminals


Registration Papers

HAUG GmbH as traditional manufacturer of graph papers for analogue and digital tachographs.

Our products

Thermal paper
Diagram Charts for tachographs


Training Products

Suitable equipment for training your driving personnel.

Our products

Training cases
Training accessories

Our products in numbers

Driver Cards processed
Digital Tachographs readout
Tachograph Charts produced

HAUG GmbH is the world's largest manufacturer of diagram charts and digital tachograph rolls.

Tacho Solutions - Fleet Management


Service orientated and reliable

HAUG® products care for utmost operation and performance. Our competent team will always be by your side. From the beginning. We care for you in every stage – planning, installation and during operation.

More about our company
Support upon installation of digital tachographs and De-minimis support programme
Software for data storage and evaluation considering legal regulations. For every fleet size and brands across all sectors
Software for manual and electronic supervision of driver licences
Accessory for digital and analogue tachographs as well as fleet management
Tools for downloads from tachographs and driver cards